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Introducing H.I.T one of the most talented Hip Hop Artists to rise up out of Long Beach, Ca!! With his undeniable charisma, flow patterns, and creative wordplay on the mic often compared to talented lyricists, H.I.T lives up to his name, proving just why he is dubbed the Highest of Intellect Talent.

His talent is limitless, with a range of skills and versatility from rhyming to writing and arranging songs, to being a phenomenal entertainer drawing in various crowds with his natural magnetism. Few have been capable of holding down respect in both the industry and in the streets...but H.I.T is breaking down the barriers, showing that he is fully capable of being the "TRUTH", that is most definitely apparent from his raw and gritty lyrics to his clever metaphors and catchy hooks.

With the release of his first solo album "The Born Supremacy", H.I.T’s buzz rapidly increased and he has been held as the next big movement coming up in the game. With songs such as "Drama", "Get It Good", "Ride Wit Me" ft. The Clipse, and "Music is My B*tch (My Chick)", it is no wonder why H.I.T is mesmerizes audiences of all types with his lyrics and sound. Currently, in 2016, maintaining an active and growing career, working on a wide range of various projects, including his upcoming 2nd solo project "Beautiful War", H.I.T's buzz on the streets and in the industry is taking everyone by storm!

Email: info@iamhit.com